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An Earful of Dance History

Wanted to share some great podcasts I found on the history of dance. If you are looking for more info on any of these dancers or topics we have a small library of books you can check out. Knowing your history will deepen your understanding of this wonderful art form, and who knows might bring you great inspiration.


Keeping Your Brain Young

Just listened to this story about keeping your brain young or reverse the aging process on the brain. I thought how much dancing fits most of the key tips they offer, see if you think the same. Remember dancing is not just for your children, check out what adult dance classes we offer and see you on the dance floor.

Ballet Needs More Males

Here is an article pointing out some of the perks for being a male dancer. Notice one thing they did fail to mention is ballet was started by men and performed only by men for may years. Perhaps if this was mentioned more males would take class. One thing I always stress with the great athleticism it takes to dance. Boys, see you on the dance floor.

Warming Up

Many times I have to ask the dancers not to just stand there waiting for class to start but to go and warm up. But what does that mean?  I have had my warm up routine for years, and as I age I have to add to it. One of the latest articles from The Dance Training Project covers just this topic.

Warming up is crucial to maintaining a healthy dance body and preventing injury. Many new studies show that moving  major body parts (small jumps for example) rather than stretching prepares the body for activity more effectively. Stretching that increases flexibility should come after activity not before. As dancers warming up in parallel is also important to help increase turnout and prevent injury so start there.

No More Back Pain

Many dancers and non-dancers complain of back pain, much of it due to poor posture. As a dancer and anthropologist I found this article very interesting.

The posture Esther Gokhale speaks of is what dancers have used for hundreds of years. Finding this proper posture not only makes dancing easier it allows for pain free movement. Remember if you are experiencing great pain you are probably doing something wrong. See your teacher for an evaluation of posture and movement. With proper conditioning and training you can dance pain-free. Check out for specifically designed exercises for dancers.