The Recital

Due to Covid-19 our normal performance opportunities are on hold. Future options will be announced as restrictions change.

Each year there is an opportunity for students to perform in a recital. Recital is scheduled for the end of the Spring term (usually the second weekend in June). All students are encouraged to participate, as we want them to celebrate their hard work. It’s a very exciting time for students and teachers to share their new performance skills and accomplishments with parents, friends and the community. The event is free with donations accepted at the door. We encourage all friends and family to come and celebrate student achievements.

In preparation for the recital, costumes are either ordered or made to fit the theme. Costumes expenses vary; but $25 – $50 is a good estimate. Teachers attempt to keep costume expenses as low as possible. Recital costs may include a small recital fee ($25.00). The recital fee defrays the expense of the recital (e.g. set-up for lights, sound systems, rental of the space, publicity etc.). We do our best to fund recital cost through our annual fundraiser in December. With you and the communities help we can do that.

There is a professional photo shoot to take place a day or two before the recital. Date and picture schedule will be announced in the spring. This takes place at Laurel Hall and is in full-costume and makeup.