LVSD Tuition for 2017-2018

Per Student, Per Term (13 weeks).
Fees are based on $10/hour of class.

Class Hour/Week Prepaid Term Weekly Rate
0.5 hr $65.00 $5.00
1.0 hr $130.00 $10.00
2.0 hr $26000 $20.00
3.0 hr $390.00 $30.00
4.0 hr $520.00 $40.00
5.0 hr $650.00 $50.00

Discount rate-

*Families or Single Students enrolled over 3 hours/week receive 10% off their tuition.

Unlimited Classes

*Enroll in 5 or more hours and no more than $600/term. Applied for single students or families. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

Discounts only apply to tuition if paid by the term. Drop in rates are based on the $10/hour rate and need to be payed before class.



Scholarships are available upon approval of request. Applications need to be filled out and submitted to the LVSD board of directors for evaluation.


2017-2018 Registration/performance fees

Performance fees are based on the success of fund raising.  Costume fees run anywhere from $20-$50 per class.

Please visit The Recital page for more details.